1. Provide a formal connection among all of the programs existing in Northwest Indiana serving those who need development in reading and writing skills;

2. Publicize and promote literacy programs throughout Northwest Indiana to encourage participation by students and volunteers and to heighten public awareness of the Coalition;

3. Encourage the development of expanding networking, partnerships, and coalitions within and among the different localities and groups and to coordinate, expand and improve local literacy services;

4. Provide a clearinghouse for information about literacy services in Northwest Indiana, and for referral of students and volunteers to appropriate programs;

5. Conduct or encourage study and/or research to identify the extent of the illiteracy problem in the various localities being served by the Coalition, and to heighten public awareness of the extent of the problem;

6. Establish necessary collaborative planning and organization for improving literacy services;

7. Promote and facilitate contributions of time, space, funds and other support by business and industry for employees lacking reading skills and to encourage employees to become volunteers in reading programs.
To achieve our goals, NWILC has incorporated programs, such as the Executive Spelling Bee and Time Out for Reading, has offered Mini Grants, and has hosted special seminars and workshops, such as “Reinventing the Workforce – Strategic Planning for Business, Education, Labor, and Community Leaders.”